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Phillips, Wisconsin

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Working German Shepherds from working bloodlines

Schutzhund and German Shepherds are our hobby. We follow the German tradition of testing our dogs through training and trialing before breeding. All adults are OFA certified. Our goals in breeding are to produce dogs of stable temperament, sound and correct conformation, and high working drives. All our dogs are friendly and outgoing with the courage to protect their family and home. Working ability is paramount. It is what the German Shepherd Dog was bred for, and it is the hallmark of the breed.

I would also like to acknowledge the club I train with, O.G. Inselstadt Schutzhund Club in Minocqua, Wisconsin.  It's a great training group that has personal interest in every club dog. They have made my successes possible.

Britva vom Eisenberg IGP3,IPO1, FPr2, AD




Razer vom Baphomet SchH3 x SG Champi Apanta rei IPO3, ZVV1

Brit is an outgoing, confident dog with correct structure and the right drives for schutzhund with his parents' talent for tracking, joy in the obedience, and genetically full and strong grips.

                      photo by Deb Krsnich




Banok von der Nordenwald BH, AD , FPr1, UPr1




Ajax vom Gripmando IPO2 x Baylee vom Eisenberg BH


Banok is a young male that brings great power.  He's very biddable, fast and flashy in the obedience with a great desire to please.  His tracking is concentrated, and  in the protection work he shows great balance, full hard grips, and a strong desire to dominate the helper. 

Gone but always in our hearts!                                      Lazer vom Landschaft SchH3 KKL1 OFA good hips and elbows

Dasty vd Berger Hochburg SchH3 x Yulie vd Belferlein IPO I

Lazer is a grandson of Pike vd Schafbachmuhle and Asko vd Lutter.
He is a dog that by nature does everything full throttle. His tracking is concentrated, obedience is joyous and powerful, and the protection...well, it's what he lives for.


  Lazer's SchH2 escape







Bara vom haus Summerzeit BH, TR1 OFA good hips and elbows

 Lazer vom Landschaft SchH3, KKL1 x Afra vom Betenhaus BH, AD

Bara is a Lazer daughter, showing his power and drives.  She is a self assured female with strong grips, good hunt drive and presents a very nice picture with good speed in the obedience.

Click here to see pictures of Bara's brother, Pike.